What you will learn

Why do we need the CORA model?

Explanation of the rationale behind this model and its added value with regards to risks-aware IT landscape and solution design.

What is the CORA model?

Give insight how CORA as a reference architecture can be used to design comprehensive application/technology architectures for all relevant stakeholders.

What is the relationship between the CORA model and TOGAF?

The logical positioning of the CORA model within the TOGAF-ADM cycle and explanation where the CORA model adds value.

What is the method of practice when starting with CORA?

Explanation of a proven step-by-step approach, in which principles as well as the quality of proces- and data models are key input.

How did the CORA model come about?

Description of the way existing vendor architecture-, maturity- and governance models were used to develop the CORA model.

In which situations can the CORA model be applied?

Description of different use cases in which the CORA model can be used, ranging from enterprise to individual project level.